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Teeth Whitening

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80 Bowery Suite 400
​New York, NY 10013

80 Bowery  Suite 400
​New York, NY 10013

Is that whitening toothpaste not working?

Here's a quicker and more effective alternative - teeth whitening!

Our office uses a gel based whitening system delivered in a pipette for optimal precision application. Over the course of several applications- dependent on the shade desired, the carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide in the gel gently penetrates the enamel to break down discoloration from inside the tooth or teeth affected. 

In Office: Our in-office bleaching is performed on the same day in one appointment. Sessions generally average an hour long and protective gel is applied to protect gums and reduce sensitivity. A bleaching tray impression is taken after the appointment and available to be picked up in a week along with some extra gel for at-home touchups in the following weeks. Take-home gels can last anywhere between a two weeks (constant) use up to six months (occasional use).

At Home: For patients on a tight schedule, we provide an at-home kit. An impression is made for the bleaching tray on the first appointment. A week later, the tray, bleaching gel (eight separate pipettes), specific instructions on use and a carrier bag for the supplies can be picked up. Results may take longer to show if used improperly. Protective gel is not provided but can be ordered separately.

Before You Come In:Results are best if bleaching is done after the biannual/annual cleaning. Calculus and build up can prevent the gel from penetrating the enamel. Bleaching is also not ideal on teeth with cavities. Please be aware, prosthetic materials do not bleach- such as crowns and fillings. Certain dental stains require different types of bleaching material. Please make an appointment for a consultation for optimal results.

What You Can Expect Afterwards Some sensitivity is expected but will generally fade with time. Avoid eating too hot or cold foods and drinks for a few days. To maintain brightness, avoid acidic drinks or drinks that are known to stain; such as coffee or grape juice.