Wax Try-in (Left) and completed denture (right) of a set of complete dentures. Dentures were also made to adjust natural overbite.


Dentures are great prosthetics to replace multiple missing teeth. The turnover rate is much faster than an implant (which can take up to five months to complete) and can even be used as a temporary replacement while waiting for an implant surgery to heal. There are three different types of dentures: complete, immediate, and partial. Complete dentures replace all the teeth in one arch. Partial dentures, on the other hand, are made when only a few teeth are remaining. While complete dentures require good jawbone support, partial dentures also require good teeth support- at least one tooth on either side of the arch must be healthy enough to support the chewing forces acting upon the denture. Partial dentures also come in two types: resin-based and metal-based. The type of denture for the best fit depends largely on the condition of existing teeth and bone support. Extract of unhealthy teeth may be recommended prior to treatment as it affects the stability and durability of dentures. Denture impressions are sent to a lab for fabrication. Dr. Lee will work with patients to make adjustments as needed chairside.

Dentures can take up to two months to complete in about 5 visits with two weeks between each visit.

1 – Initial visit/exam/extractions

2 – Prep and impression

3 – Bite impression

3a - Framework (for partial dentures only)

4 – Wax try-in

5 – Try-in/ final product

Before You Come In: Arrange an appointment with Dr. Lee to determine what kind of denture best suits you. If you must extract unhealthy teeth, complete them before you come in for the impression (step 2).

What You Can Expect Afterwards: Like wearing new shoes, it will take you time to get used to the feeling of your new dentures. An instruction sheet will be given to you after you receive your dentures on tips to care for them and how to adjust. Once your dentures become acclimated to your jaw movement, sore spots may develop. In about 2-4 weeks, it is recommended you come in to adjust your dentures to prevent soreness. 

Metal Partial Dentures. Completed and fitted on model of patient's teeth. Metal clasps add support and point of contact for dentures.