The ProcedureThe impressions of any implant upper and lower dentures are typically done together. Patients will return at least twice after the impression. The first visit is to try in a wax model of the teeth. At this time, patients can discuss with Dr. Lee what they would like changed (shading, length, position...etc. of teeth in the denture). On the next visit, patients will be fitted with the overdenture attachments and the completed prosthetic.  Although adjustments are occasionally necessary for the dentures as patients adjust to chewing with new teeth, implants are permanent fixtures. 

What are Overdentures?

Overdentures are a removable form of implant denture. Rather than cementing the denture to the implants, overdentures use a type of locking mechanism between the implants and dentures to keep it in place. Typically, the placement of the locking mechanism requires one extra visit. After the overdenture has been delivered, patients must return in a week or two to adjust the fit of the denture. 

​Why Overdentures?

You may be wondering- why overdentures rather than cemented implant dentures or regular removable dentures. Implant dentures that are cemented on cannot be removed by patients. Many patients that come in for overdentures have been without teeth for a while and may experience discomfort wearing dentures to sleep. Because overdentures can be removed, patients can sleep comfortably with the dentures out. On the other hand, patients who dislike the removable dentures they have because they rely on the denture paste/glue too often, may find comfort in overdentures as a compromise between removable and fixed dentures. Although overdentures can be removed, they do require firm force to remove. Some years down the line, when the dentures need adjustment or repair, overdentures can be easily removed and worked on, unlike cemented dentures that require several steps to remove.   

Bottom View: Overdenture

Before You Come In: Please consult with the doctor to see if you are eligible for an implant. Low bone density and/or not enough spacing for a crown require more planning. On the day of the surgery, please take four pills of the antibiotic the doctor prescribed to you. Please take it at least an hour before your appointment and take with food.

What You Can Expect After: After the initial surgery, you may feel sore for a week or two. Avoid brushing your teeth near the implant and avoid extraneous exercise. Continue to take medications as directed. You should not feel the implant after it has healed. Return in a week  or two to have the sutures removed. After the initial placement of the crown, the implant may feel tight and occasionally need to be adjusted as you get used to it. If more than one implant is required and are in different quadrants of the mouth, it is highly recommended that surgeries be scheduled with at least a week in between.Type your paragraph here.


Attachment on Overdenture

Attachment on Implant