Nightguard/Athletic Guard

Jaws/back teeth hurt constantly? It's either a wisdom tooth, or grinding.

Bruxism, or grinding, usually presents itself in constant painful molars or jaws that sometimes fades later in the day. No studies have been able to prove the cause of nighttime grinding, however there is supportive evidence that it is related to daytime stress. Overtime, grinding wears down the surfaces of teeth until they are flat. This makes chewing food apart difficult. Nightguards are resin material that prevent the teeth from grinding against each other.

Athletic guards, unlike nightguards, are not meant to be worn long term. They are only worn for sports practices or games. They are, however, also protective barriers between the top and bottom teeth.

Before You Come In: Please arrange a consultation with Dr. Lee if you have never had a nightguard before to discuss the benefits of one.

What You Can Expect Afterwards: After the impression is taken for the nightguard/athletic guard, return in two weeks to try it on, have it adjusted and then take it home.